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We inherited this

Ifa Priest

It is affordable to all, from the poorest to the richest. The priest has a spiritual code. He/she will not take Money from those who cannot afford to give out It has existed since the first man appeared on the face of earh. It is integral part of man.

We do not need to replace it. It does not cure, but It gives diagnostics . We must preseve it and professionalize it. The very poor of the very por needs it.

If the sick cannjot be transffered to it, it can be transffered to the sick. Even pieces of stones in the resident of the sick can be employed for diagnostics


Engineers developed this


We developed this technology for faster results of knowledge of diagnostics.

Gran majority in the world cannot have Access to it because it depends on energy.

We need not reject it. We need not replace it. It is very useful, but we must bare in mind that it needs very stable electrical energy.

The sick must be transferred to it in most cases. It costs more for it to be transffered to the sick

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Our Offer

The culture , costums and traditions of the people must be preserved while technology is introduced to improve processes

We offer Information Technology to all.

We are working on Technology that can be transffered in installed in the most remote areas

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Herbalist ECG

We need both the herbalist and the Pharmacist. We provide technology for both to improve their works.