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Medical Attention during Pandemic.

There is Pandemic. Lockdown all over the world.

We offer Medical Doctors and Patients a platform for them to communicate and we store their History.

We create an Instance for each Doctor to attend to their own patients.

It is fast. No cueing, no travelling. In the comfort of home Doctors and patients can communicate at each other’s convenient time.

Communicate with us by mail on info@ovirisoft.com.ar

During these Pandemic with news that more is coming, the end of lockdown is not known. Many Doctors are no in condition to build a platform for their patients to communicate with them. We offer here for each Doctor to register their patients or ask patients to register and consult their doctors.

A group of Doctors of different disciplines can share the same instance that can be given a common name.

Accessing the Platform:

All devices that have web browser from anywhere there is access to the internet.


Arrangement will be made with any professional that uses our platform. But basically, all patients can consult their Medical History all time without limit and can view all prescriptions and results without limit and no charge.

Any time a new consultation is made, the bill will be made to the Doctor or the owner of the instance. By the 10th of every month we will sent the list of consultations Date, Time, Patient’s Name and the total including the bill to the Doctor or owner of the instant. In Nigeria payment can be made to an account in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, payment can be made to our PayPal account.

There are three categories of accessing the Platform:
1. Administrators and Operators. They have access to all the Instance.
2. The Professionals. They have access only to the Professional Section.
3. The Patients. They only have access to their section of the platform

Each have username and password and cannot access where there is no authorization


The Patient logs in and write consultation about the medical needs, an image can be added to illustrate the message. Images can be in jpg o png. Up send button, the consultation is stored in a database and a message sent to Operators.

The Operator reading the message assign a Professional to the Patient and a message will go out my mail to the assigned Professional.

The Professional will log in to see all assigned Patients, there patients will be attended one my one. The Doctor will write both prescription and Results. The system will send a message to the operators.

The Operators will alert a Medical Auditor who will audit the attention, if modification needs to be made, it is done by the Auditor who will update the database before sending a message to the patient. The message contains the link and code to access where the Results and Prescription are stored. Both contain the name of the professional, Licence, College of Medicine and the signature. With that the Patient can print out or store in pdf for use.

Upon receiving a message from the System, the Patient can always check results. The Patient also can consult the Medical History of all consultations.

A group of Doctors can turn this into a small scale Medical Insurance by registering people for a small monthly fees for a number of consultation to make. So, no matter where Doctors and Patients are, there could be medical attention.

Below is the list of the access of each category.


Assign Medics to Patients.
Audit Medical Results for approval.
Administer Patients Data.
Administer Data of Professionals.
Administer Operators and their username and Passwords.

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Attend to Patients Consultation and reply. They will also write the prescription for patients.
Medical Records. The Professional can also see the Records of all attentions for reference but cannot modify any data.

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Consultation with a Medic. One image can be added for each.
Access Medical Prescription with Code as many times as needed. It is printable.
Access Medical Indication with Code as many times as needed. It is printable.
Access personal Clinical Records in our system.
Register as patient at this instant

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